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Thread: Irritating Installation Message!

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    Every time I boot up (XP Home SP2) I get a window warning me that software for KY 4 is available to install but because it is not recognised by Microsoft, it should not be installed.
    I think its software for a mouse (which I don't have!!)
    How do I find this file and delete it? I have searched repeatedly but nothing shows up & its not shown in 'Add/Remove' or in download history.
    Can anyone help please?

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    Have a look in your "Program Files" folder, maybe theres something there...

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    It could also be spyware or a worm. I found this link on the W32/Sdbot-KY worm.

    Try running some up to date antivirus software on it, and anti-spyware too, and see if that helps.

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