There have been many requests about the future of and I'll address them here.

The community continues to be one of inquiring minds having free and open discussion about how everyday computing can change the world.
  1. OpenFree will continue to be a primarily Linux community with other operating systems occupying no more than 20% of the threads.
  2. Changes to the community will follow the guidelines proposed in the RFC thread. This will include any future mergers.
  3. The community will continue its efforts to appeal to the core membership of systems administrators and power users. With this in mind, the forums section will continue with the current four categories:

  • OpenFree Discussion
  • Linux / *NIX Distributions
  • Linux General
  • Windows

The creation of additional categories will be subject to the RFC process.

I hope this will put the community's mind at ease so that OpenFree can continue to thrive.