I understand computers, and some Win networking. Am trying to learn linux to help a buddy. He has a small home office that is fed by DSL.

He is trying to add a wireless access point, but not having much luck.

His system is configured:

-------------linux server one
DSL-----wired router -------------linux server two

before we can add a wap, he says there is a problem:

"I understand most of what you are researching but the problem is circular.

Base router runs an AP of

Linux is set for

Linksys wireless set at

DHCP conflict between routers. Even when I turn off DHCP, the routers conflict and linux attempts to pickup DHCP responsibility. It is time out related. In other words, if the router does not assign an IP to a machine within X minutes, the Linux box tries to do it and blocks all other access.

We can’t get into the linux boxes to shut off the time delay DHCP.

The DSL router has to be the DHCP server and has to be turned on first, next the linux box 1 then 2, then the two print servers which have manually assigned IP’s. next the rest of the network catches up.

Then comes the never ending loop of linking 192.168.0 to 192.168.1 and with no active bridge, only some of the machines are seen on the DHCP that wins the speed battle. Netgear, linux or linksys."

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,