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Thread: Web based RSS Reader

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    Web based RSS Reader

    I'm currently making an online rss reader site. The design/layout are not finished yet but I the functionality is there and would like to invite everyone to signup for it and add some feeds and test it out. Any construtive crtisim is welcome of course.

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    BTW I posted that /|\

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    Well, I currently use bloglines (it was really the first I tried, and it met my needs).

    My suggestions:

    Have some sort of duplication checking, notice the same Digg feed on the feedlist twice.

    On the feedlist it would be nice if there were checkboxes to select all the feeds you want then add them.

    When choosing a category I prefer that it loads my selection without having to click load.

    Have a way for people to share their feeds with people (bloglines has this feature I don't use it really, but think it's nice to be able to)

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    I am partial to:

    But I can understand wanting to build your own. Its a time thing for me. I don't have enough of it.. :cry:

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