NIS commands and daemons

ypserv -NIS server daemon started at boot time by master/slave servers
ypbind -NIS client daemon started at boot time by all
domainname -Sets NIS domain machine belongs to at boot time
ypxfr -Downloads current version of a map from master server
ypxfrd -Serves requests from ypxfr (runs on master)
yppush -Makes slave servers update their map versions
makedbm -Builds a ndbm map from a flat file
ypmake* -Rebuilds ndbm maps from flat files that have changed (IRIX)
ypinit -Configures a host as a master or slave server
ypset -Makes ypbind connect to a particular server
ypwhich -Finds out which server the current host is using
yppoll -Finds out what version of a map a server is using
ypcat -Prints the values contained in an NIS map
ypmatch -Prints map entries for a specified key
yppasswd -Changes a password on the NIS master server
ypchfn -Changes GECOS info on the NIS master server
ypchsh -Changes a login shell on NIS master server
yppasswdd -Server for yppasswd, ypchsh and ypchfn
ypupdated -Server for updating NIS maps (managed by inetd)