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Thread: Router setup

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    Router setup


    I am trying to setup a linux box to act as a router for two different networks. I have two NICs in the machine and have enabled IP forwarding for the purpose of routing.

    I have eth0 setup as with a gateway of to reach the Internet. On my second NIC (eth1), I have it configured as I would like for the network to be able to reach the Internet via the network.

    What do I need to set the gateway to for eth1? Also here are the entries in my routing table:

    Dest. GW Netmask Iface * eth0 * eth1 eth0 eth1
    default eth0

    I have a laptop connected to eth1 and I have assigned it IP address of I can ping and but nothing else. From the router I can ping but not the laptop. Where are my problems?


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    I got it figured out. The XP SP2 firewall was the cause of the problem.

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