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Thread: moving windows dns to linux BIND dns

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    moving windows dns to linux BIND dns

    Hello everybody;
    I am new to linux fedora core 3 and I am loving it!
    Can anybody give me some pointers on the best way to move all dns records and zones from a windows server to a linux server without having to manually re-create every zone on the linux side?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated
    Thank you

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    I'd think the easiest way to do this would be to:

    1. Set up the Linux DNS server as a slave / secondary server to the Windows box.
    2. Do a DNS zone transfer from Windows to Linux
    3. Optionally, shutdown the Windows DNS server, after you have testesd / become familiar with Linux.

    There is an O'reilly / Syngress book Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit that covers this.

    It's funny, but I could only find links on the web that do the opposite. It must be an MCSE requirement or something. I added some of the links I found just in case they may provide you with some insights.

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    Is it purely DNS for zones, or is there any Active Directory involved? That could complicate things.

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    Thanks canela and peter for replying to my post.
    As canela suggested , I will try a zone transfer from windows server to the linux server.
    Peter, you guessed right; there is an active directory domain involved but I think it would be simple to delegate the active directory as a subdomain.
    Thanks again and have a nice weekend

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