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How to play MP3 files in Ubuntu?
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Thread: How to play MP3 files in Ubuntu?

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    Unhappy How to play MP3 files in Ubuntu?

    Hi i have just installed ubuntu on my notebook. I am not able to figure out how to play mp3 files? can anybody help please???????

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    I went to Google and searched for "ubuntu mp3", and found this as the first result:


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    GOT The Answer!!!

    Finally i am able to play MP3`s on Ubuntu. It is no big deal if you know how to do it. I am posting this so if anyone else needs to do this:

    1> Download mp3 decoder from https://shop.fluendo.com/product_inf...g0pkii2jmh39p7 (It is free here).
    2> It has all the instructions to be followed and make your linux a jukebox!!

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    Thank you for letting us know how to do this. I would have figured the universe repository would have turned something up, but looks like it's more of a pain. I guess more and more are adopting the idea of not giving MP3 support right out of the box. For instance, Redhat you have to use the livna repository to get RPMs to enable the ability.
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    Useful information

    I have found that if you are looking for some hard to find info about Ubuntu or Kubuntu, head over to www.ubuntuguide.org

    It has all sorts of tutorials on how to get certain things working, including MP3 playback and even DVD playback.
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    Here's a step-by-step HOWTO, for future reference:

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