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Thread: Documents and Settings Folder Access Denied

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    Documents and Settings Folder Access Denied

    I have an old folder under documents and settings that I can't delete. Is it possible that it's an older administrator folder. I am the adminitstrator on the computer and it has one "guest" folder. When I try to delete it, it says Cannot delete folder ****. Access denied. Properties indicate folder is empty. But when I run my McAfee on the C: drive it indicates AdAware in there. Which of course I cannot delete. I tried to use my a killbox program on it, and it couldn't delete it either. Can someone help me with this?

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    You may have hidden files in there.

    Have you activated the viewing of hidden files in the file explorer?

    Tools > Folder Options > View >

    Select "Show hidden files and folders"

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    They are not hidden. I just checked.

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    Maybe AdAware is using the folder for something.

    Try deleting it after shutting down AdAware, if the application is running in your taskbar.

    Are you sure the folder isn't important to AdAware?

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    Try and load the computer up in Safe Mode and see if that will allow you to delete the folder. Where exactly is the folder? Is it just under the C:\Documents and Settings or under a sub folder?
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    If that doesn't work, perhaps the Administrator account got its rights removed form the folder. You can right-clock over it, go to Security>Advanced>Owner>Replace Owner on Subcontainers and Folders.
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