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Thread: how to open exe files in fedora 4

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    Post how to open exe files in fedora 4


    Can anybody please tell me
    how to open exe files in fedora 4.
    how to install games.
    how to install plugins for totem movie player.

    Thanks and Regards
    Ganesh Bendre.

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    .exe are DOS or Windows binaries. They are not compatible with Linux, which is a whole different operating system. There are some projects like Wine, which emulate a Windows environment under linux, and allow some Windows software to run under Linux. However, the applications that can run under Wine are limited.
    To install games, you either get the precompiled package of the game for your version of Linux, or get the source code of the game and compile it yourself. Often, games have instructions on how to load them. You can get some more information about games under linux by searching google.
    Totem is a front-end for Xine. You might want to look at the installation notes here for Fedora, for Xine and Totem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trickster View Post
    Totem is a front-end for Xine. You might want to look at the installation notes here for Fedora, for Xine and Totem.
    Erggh.. you are wrong. Totem can be compiled against either Xine or GStreamer (the latter being the smartest choice and also the default both upstream and Fedora)

    You need to:

    rpm -ivh
    yum -y install gstreamer-plugins-ugly gstreamer-ffmpeg

    (Livna also has totem compiled against xine - it's aptly called totem-xine)

    And then you are cooking.

    As for .exe files, you just don't do that in Linux persay, though you can use Wine to run Windows programs.

    yum install wine
    wine <name of program>

    note that with wine you get bug by bug compatibility with Windows so it's all on your head if you say run something with a virus in it or something that deletes your files.

    As for games there are quite a few good ones available, personally I like Nexiuz, Battle for Wesnoth, Tremulous, Frozen-bubble and freeciv, all of which are available via yum.

    Also, Fedora is at release 6 now, you might want to consider an upgrade for new features, stability and security. This is naturally entirely gratis and we do try to make the upgrade as painless as possible. Simple download the DVD image (or CDs if that is your requirement) and select the upgrade option in the installer. As a sidenote if you upgrade to FC6, the totem instructions above need to be changed from 4 to 6.
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