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    Sorry if this is the wrong section!

    I have 2x 120gig drives striped in windows to make a single 240 gig dirve and my Windows XP is on a seperate drive.... If I reinstall Winsows on the seperate drive will I still have the data on the striped dirves, will the new installation of windows see the striped drive...

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    Yes. Installing on a separate drive will keep your data on these 2 disks intact (provided you don't format / alter them in any way during installation).

    Windows will continue to see the drive, since from what you say it appears as if you have used Windows software RAID 0 to achieve the 240 GB disk. Since windows will have made these drives dynamic, and updated its signature accordingly, any other version / installation (newer) of windows which supports software RAID 0 will recognize the signature and will treat the drives as they should be.

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