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Thread: Click-lock type problem

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    Hello everybody. I (well, my brother) recently re-formatted my computer. Since then, I have been experiencing a problem with my mouse. Whenever I do a very small and fast click, it seems to activate some kind of click lock function. It acts as if I'm holding down the mouse button until I click again, when I'm not. This is very annoying as I play alot of games.

    Someone please help! Thanks.


    *EDIT* I have also tried another mouse, but the problem still seems to be there. Hope someone can help me.

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    ClickLock can be deactivated, Try this:

    1. Go to Control Panel
    2. Double click on mouse
    3. Click on the "Buttons" tab of the "Mouse Properties" dialog box.
    4. Unselect the ClickLock box.
    5. Click "Apply"

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