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Thread: Win2K3 Password Backup State Remove

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    I was fooling around with some stuff and created a backup of my password. Okay, that cool but I was just testing it. I now have a different window that pops up every time I enter my password wrong (not the regular "Could not logon...." with the system beep). It's a window that says, "Could not logon..." but it also says, "If you want to reset your password with disk..." with no system beep. I want to revert to the old window. I don't want Windows to know that I created a backup of my password and use that default window if I type my password in wrong. I don't want to delete the account because it is the default Admin account. I also don't want to format over something so small. Yes, I am a perfectionist and that’s why I'm asking for help. I can do registry edits if needed. Thanks!

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    With the backup of the password it will always appear when you type the password wrong. This is the "desired" method. If you don't want the new dialog box you can try and reset the password and not make a backup disk, but this would not make sense if you wanted a backup incase you did forget.
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