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Thread: Having major problems - please help!

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    Someone please help me. And quick.

    Yesterday I received the dreaded BSOD. My computer stopped altogether and restarted itself. Later, my Firefox and a few game programs would not work. Nothing to faze me yet. I ran AVG, Ad-Aware, and Symantec Antivirus, and nothing was wrong.

    Today, I BSODed again. My Windows Live Messenger would encounter an error every time I opened it. Same with Windows Messenger. Dr. Watson would always encounter errors, Explorer.exe was shutting down and restarting every few minutes.

    I restarted the computer. Things were well until my computer restarted itself again. I tried to run more virus scans, but AVG has ceased to work. I want to download Windows Defender but I can't - the authenticize thing doesn't work for me.

    I don't know what to do - something is eating my computer from the inside out and I am powerless to stop it! What should I do?!

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    What error is being shown on the BSOD? If it reboots too quickly to see, make sure to turn off the option to automatically reboot on error

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    Yeah, it does reboot too quickly. I'll turn off that option and look for it the next time. My computer is currently on now and seems to be working fine - perhaps it was just overworked. It's a laptop, but I use it like one would a desktop PC...

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