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Thread: Serious problem after using MS Word

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    This is the second time I experienced this problem and it has become quite a bother. Two of my computers (old and a new one I got a while ago) are now suffering from what I can only describe as a “distorted desktop”.

    After copying an image from Microsoft Paint to Microsoft Word, I began adjusting its brightness and contrast. After I was done, I copied the newly edited image (in Microsoft Word) and pasted it to my desktop. A window popped out and asked me to specify a title for this image, so that it could be saved to my desktop. The next thing you know, my entire wallpaper worsened in quality (distorted if that’s the word) and looked like my resolution was reduced or something. Now no matter what wallpaper I use I get this distorted version of it, and changing the resolution does not help at all.

    This is not the only thing thought. All the icons on my desktop acquired these auras, or shadows of a color that can be set by clicking the Right Mouse button Properties/Desktop/Color.

    I can’t get rid of these things, and they are bothering me very much, especially that I basically just bought my new monitor and get to see this poor quality image on my desktop.

    This is a Microsoft forum and this problem occurred because of a Microsoft program and on Windows XP, so I really hope to receive an answer here (I failed elsewhere).

    Thank you in advance,

    These are two images of my desktop, two different versions, so that you can see the persisting problem I am experiencing.

    Wallpaper and Desktop Style N1

    Wallpaper and Desktop Style N2

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    wow, thanks a lot...

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    If I were you, I'd create another user account, and see if the problem persists on the new user account. If it doesn't, then just move your files and bookmarks over to the new account.

    You might want to watch the attitude, though. Keep in mind that this is a forum manned by volunteers, and everyone reponds if thye have the time and inclination. A response like your second post just makes people less likely to help you.
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