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Thread: Free? Freedom?

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    Free? Freedom?

    A very good read, RMS is oft times rather strident but he seems almost reasonable this time. Almost. He is on our side, I think.

    Please take time to read it. Please take time to respond! Freedom, use it or loose it!

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    RMS is a pretty out there guy.

    He is right on the part about gnu/linux. We owe more to the gnu project for the OS's we use then the linux kernel. it all wouldn't be possible without gcc, make . etc.

    As for the 4 rules of freedom #0-3, its the way it should be, words to compute by.

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    I usually don't enjoy reading interviews with Richard Stallman, but I read this one all the way through. I think the older I get as a programmer I am starting to see more clearly what he is talking about. Before I used to scoff at his insisting Linux always be referred to as GNU/Linux, but now I understand better why.

    Even though I understand and agree GNU should be acknowledged, I don't think the name should be changed. You should rename something everytime someone adds something major to it.
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