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Thread: WindowsXP, Office 2007 and my DVD

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    Is anyone besides me having any trouble with their DVD player/burner after upgrading. I recently installed a LEGAL copy of Office 2007 and also had to do the monthly updates for WinXP. When this was all finished, windows would not recognize my DVD burner (and still will not). I am using a Dell Latitude D800, with a Sony DVD burner (internal). I am having no luck what-so-ever getting this to work again.

    Any clues?? Tips?? Suggestions?? All help would be appreciated.


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    Didnt hear about such problem....

    U can go to

    Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> System Then

    Select "Hardware" Tab >> Click "Device Manager"

    U will see DVD/CD-ROM Drives....

    Check if u see any Yellow I marked if yes select that drive rightclick it and then click Uninstall..

    Now after Uninstall REBOOT your PC... It will again search for yuor DVD/CD Drives..

    Also Check your BIOS settings whether Drive is Enables or NOT

    Hope this helps..

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