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    Linux Webcast

    I am very interested in starting a linux webcast. video or audio. But I am very stuck on ideas for content and a general direction for the show. If you guys could bounce some ideas around it would be a great help.

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    The best ones I've listened to so far are where they talk about some of the cool things they've done with Linux... Usually in relation to new features/apps/techniques/distros.

    And if you have a way to even out the volume, PLEASE do. It's the most annoying thing about listening to a podcast (and even the so-called "pros" can get it wrong).

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    There used to be a ton of Linux music dudes around here. I would like to have some tunes from them on a show (Mark is a closet banjo player)

    The overall direction is a tough question. snct had a good idea, what are people doing with Linux.
    Cover the main stuff that we use, OO, GIMP, multimedia, IRC, TUXRACER, etc.

    You might be able to share content with other Linux shows!

    Lots and lots of interviews with the wackos that ceate the programs we all use.

    Prizes, got to have something for the 8th caller! A CD of banjo music?

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