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    im linux user but today i started with using windows.

    i have comand line problem.When trying to run .bat files command prompt opens for a milisecond and closes again...please help me

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    Smile Hey!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jan1024188 View Post
    im linux user but today i started with using windows.

    I am switching from Windows to Linux and you Vice a versa....


    In windows the Dos window closes automatically if you execuite any dos based file as soon as the program finishes... irrespective of whether error was there or execution was successful.

    therefore we open a doswindow first and then do the dos related stuff in that window..

    Click Start >> Run >> type "cmd" (Without Quotes) and Press enter

    a permanent MSDOS window open (till u close it yourself...)

    cd == to change directories like c:\cd windows to go to windows folder

    dir == view directories and files

    if u r using Xp or 2000 then cd wind* and press enter will take you to windows dir

    like in linus in windows you do not have to be case sensitive and you dont requir to typein the file extensions

    to execute RunMe.bat which is in windows directory..

    "ENTER" is that you press enter

    c:\>cd windows "ENTER"
    c:\windows>runme "ENTER"

    hope this helps

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