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Thread: restarting loop

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    hi guys!!! i just wanna know what or where is the problem with my pc..

    the problem of my pc is it keeps on restarting before the welcome screen of the windows xp appears...

    i have installed a windows xp service pack 2 and i don't know how to solve this..

    help is much appreciated...

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    Smile Hi

    When you Start your PC Press F8 this will show SAFE mode Options Select the options Which says Turn OFF Auto Restart after Failure and press enter..

    Now you will be able to start ur windows without any reboots

    Right click on "My Computer"

    Select "Properties"

    Select the "Advanced" Tab >> "Startup & Recovery" section

    Select the "Settings" button

    un-check "Automatically restart" Apply".

    When you r able to BOOT you will see errors popping up or check your event log of errors and rectify them


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