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Thread: XP Product Key reuse.

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    I have a new PC with XP-Pro from a PC assembler. The copy of XP Pro that I received with the new PC is just a reinstall version. So if I want to repair the current install it will overwrite everything and I have to start from scratch.

    I kept a full version of XP pro that I had installed on my old PC. I erased all info from the old PC before giving it away. Can I use this old full version of XP-pro and do a repair on the existing new PC with running into problems with the product keys conflicting?

    Thanks, Richard

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    I don't think so. If I understand you right, you have two machines. Both with the same XP-Pro CD Key. Then, you clean one machine out (files only I'm assuming) and give it away. You keep the other one, right? Can you confirm I understand you correctly?

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    Most name-brand computers, have keys made especially for that particular CD that your OS is on. These keys are not cross-compatible with other builds of the XP CD (i.e. End-user version keys, being used on corporate CDs).

    If it is indeed a non-company proprietary CD (doesn't have the name of the computer all over it, or in the install), then it might work. If that is a proprietary install CD, are you sure there isn't an advanced option to do a non-destructive install, or repair install? It seems odd that anyone would offer XP-Pro without the repair option.
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    If your question is just if you can move a Windows retail license from one computer to another, the answer is yes as long as it's installed on only one pc at a time. You might need to call Microsoft during the activation process and explain them that you removed Windows from the old PC and loaded it on the new one. They should give you a new activation code.

    Of course, there are no activation codes or serial numbers under linux
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    You can only move it to another machine if it is the full retail dlsk.
    If it is an OEM disk then it can only be loaded on one computer and if that computer goes belly up you cannot use the OEM disk on another computer.
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