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Thread: ISA Server 2004

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    Hello all, I'm running MS ISA 2004. I set up remote management to allow a few clients to remotely manage one of our ISA servers from his desktop instead of through terminal server. With that said, each time that I access the remote server to run a log query, after a while, I get the following error messge:

    the query stopped because the remote server is not responding

    Could anyone tell me what I need to check so that I can connect?


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    Lightbulb Please check IP

    Dear Sir/Madam:
    I have read your problem. I don't know whether I am right or not? However, I can suggest you some solutions.
    First, you have to check your IP address? Do they connect with each other?
    Second, Check your softwares for making sure that they are not block your remote server.
    Third, After you installed ISA, it would block all port in your computer server. So you have to open the port on remote server.

    You have to check it carefully becuase it can effect to nother software and port.

    Best regards;
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