This job has gone past being a challenge. Attached is a picture of the problem. When in Outlook 2003, If you click on "Tools" then click "organise" the icons are not there. There are red X's on each side of "Using folders, Colors, and Views".

Yes i have done the detect and repair , Uninstalled office and reinstalled. , used different media. Also on a mchine that has the icons there and run a dll extractor of the office and system files looking for the icons (jpg,tif,bmp,png etc) but didnt find them. also looked for the icons already in the OS. Tried putting the office service pack as well as XP SP2 to no avail. Also tried removing all the programs in appwiz.cpl and even video drivers.

during testing i did notice something that could be related.
if you open Microsoft's search engine ( etc) and type something in and click "Images" it comes back with just a white screen. However if you do the same thing using google all works correctly.

PLEASE PLEASE any ideas i would love to hear.