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Thread: Mounting smb Shares

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    Mounting smb Shares

    So I have a windows box that acts as a print and file server. What I've done is put my music on it and I'm mounting it to all my linux boxes. Everything worked fine til I rebooted. during bootup it stops and asks me for the smb password.

    there is no password if I just hit enter it doesn't mount or if I enter the sudo password (Ubuntu) it doesn't mount either.

    When it boots up I have to mount -a to mount the directory. how can I avoid this aND JUST ALWAYS HAVE IT MOUNT?

    here's my fstab line

    //SERVER/HOMESERVER /home/matt/music smbfs rw,defaults 0 0

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    Have any luck?

    I've had problems just being able to mount them, sometimes the password issue and other times just tells me there ar eno shares. Hard to pinpoint since problems aren't the same nor do they happen all the time. I was thinking of just making a shell script to mount them to make life a little easier.

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    I have no probblem mounting it, its just getting it to mount on startup. my share has no password and it halts my bootup when it asks for the nonexistant password.

    try to mimic my fstab entry and
    $mount -a
    as root to mount it.
    also you gotta install smbfs first

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