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Open Source Clan?
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Thread: Open Source Clan?

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    Open Source Clan?

    I play a lot of games. I notice that most internet games have clans with exclusive access to stuff, and rules that are too restrictive. Then the thought occured to me, why not make a Linux style clan? That is, a clan that everyone is welcome to join and contribute to? We could have members that could donate game servers for us, and we could have a huge community that can help one another with game topics. I could host the website on my server, and hopefully it could take off from there. What do you think? Here is the plan:

    1.) All members can join the clan.
    2.) Anyone can donate a game server for any game
    3.) People are free to come and go as they please.
    4.) A huge forum and chat server for clan members for help and chat.

    Anyway, that's what I have. What do you think?
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    Hmm... you looking for a specific game, or just looking for linux users who game?

    It almost sounds less like a guild and more of a repository of info, but I might be getting you totally.

    Once I find a distro I want to go with and get it running on the desktop I might look into trying to game more. I ocassionally play Guild Wars and Wolfenstein ET, but not as much lately. Schools and finding a distro has been keeping me busy lately.

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    Almost. The clan could be for all users, not just for Linux users. The idea is to make a clan free of intricate rules, and to support as many games as possible. I am currently making my own game server, and that could be the first server for the clan. I was thinking that members of the clan could donate servers with different games on them too.

    The idea is to make all gamers feel like they have fellow clan members. It might be a good place to meet players that you could develop a friendship with.

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    That post above and here is from beezlebubsbum, the stupid sight posted it as a guest even thugh I am logged in :S

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    Thats the spirit


    How come you "get it" and no one else can even get to the ballpark?

    Your idea is GREAT, find a home for it and then start posting on ALL the Linux forums.

    I may not 'game' but there is so much value in this idea that I will help support it!

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    Well, I'm not sure how I can help, but if I can let me know. I work fairly well as an idea soundboard at the least. I'll drop you a PM with my various contact info. Some questions (to all of which I have my own ideas of answers, but this is your show) I have currently:

    Got a name for this group yet?

    What general rules would you have?

    Do you have a list of games that you'd initially support (figure you'd want a forum for each game).

    What content management you plan on using for the site?

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