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Thread: Win Desk Top Search beta3

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    Hello All,
    About a week ago I downloaded the beta 3 version of desktopsearch. After following install instructions and going through initial indexing I found this latest version would not index sent and saved outlook express messages. The earlier version of DT search did index OE correctly. When viewing the help information the instructions in help did match what is happening on the display. I went through the process to unistall beta 3 and that caused myPC to freeze. Upon reboot my XP profile was damaged and I needed to use system restore to correct the problem. I then used the Registry search to remove all aspects of desktop search. I then reinstalled beta 2.6 which was working OK and now it does index OE correctly. I hesistate to reinstall Beta3 and having serious problems again. Any thoughts or recommendations please.

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    Try Google desktop. It works just fine for me.

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