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Thread: windows xp service pack 3 order?

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    i juz wanna ask on what exact site can i order or request a windows xp service pack 3?

    I have attended a seminar about last two years and the speaker told us that we can request a windows xp service pack 2 for free on the internet bur unfortunately I have forgotten the exact site.


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    Talking XP SP2 and SP3

    I think u r pretty confused...

    u r looking for SP3 but attended seminar for SP2


    U can download SP2 from these links >> approx 272 MB

    Direct LINK

    and if you r looking for XP SP3

    Then there is both Good news and BAD news..

    first BAD news...

    SP3 wll be launched in END 2007 or maybe Discarded and NO XP SP3 is there if VISTA rules the market..

    Good news is that

    Many people are working in making a collectively Patch for XP by putting all patches and hotfixes with some goodies in it and calling it as SP3 but that is not by Microsoft and nor any support for it is avaliable..

    one such site is here
    u will get All hotfixes & patches in one compiled file

    second is Autopatcher for ALL 2000/XP/2003

    it comes in 2 flavors Full and Updates..

    FULL : has everything
    Update: only has upgrades and new features (Uneed one full version installed for using updates)

    Monthly updates are released for this

    Consist Patches and Fixes with Goodies like

    Royale' Theme
    4x Screensavers
    Adaptec ASPI
    Bootvis 1.3.37
    Copy Profile Tool
    Delete Microsoft Java VM tool
    DirectX Control Panel applet
    Google Toolbar v4.0.1020.6156
    IE spell 2.5.1
    PowerMenu 1.5.1
    Remove Windows Messenger tool
    Macromedia (Adobe) Flash Player for Internet Explorer
    Macromedia (Adobe) Flash Player for Mozilla, Firefox, Opera and Netscape
    Macromedia (Adobe) Shockwave Player v10.1.4.020
    Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP
    Microsoft Windows User State Migration Tool v2.6.1
    Official Windows XP PowerToys
    - Alt-Tab Replacement
    - CD Slide Show Generator
    - ClearType Tuner
    - HTML Slide Show Wizard
    - Image Resizer
    - Open Command Window Here
    - Power Calculator
    - SyncToy v1.4
    - Taskbar Magnifier
    - Virtual Desktop Manager
    - Webcam Timershot
    Startup Control Panel 2.8
    Sun Java 6 (only in Full)
    TweakUI 2.10
    TweakUI Control Panel applet
    Wallpapers (only in Full):
    - AutoPatcher Wallpaper
    - Delete Win9x style wallpapers option
    - Delete default WinXP wallpapers option
    - New Wallpapers (x16 at last count)
    Windows Uptime Tool

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