Hello Guys ,
I am having a problem with our internet cable network. we've 3 servers running at the backbone of our internet network. 1) Linux Redhat Fedora Core 3 as a gateway with Squid Proxy Server & IPtables firewall. 2) Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Microsoft ISA Web Proxy (for Browsing & downloading) 3) Another Windows 2000 Advanced Server with normal internet connection sharing (for all instant messengers like AIM etc.). the problem is that linux is forwarding all the https,ssl sites to our 3rd server which we setup for instant messengers, that we don't want... when we switched off our 3rd server then all the https,SSL sites won't work. our clients are suppose to use NO PROXIES. internet is working fine without no proxies .. just we'r facing this https,SSL webpages problem. when we use proxy in IE so the https, SSL sites too work fine. what could be the problem... can somebody help me out.
zAm (Lyarianz Internet Cable Network - Network Administrator)