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    Hi there.

    I recently used Norton PartitionMagic to split my dirve into two Partitionings. I did it, then it rebooted, and started Partitioning, then it frooze in the middle of it.

    So I managed to sort this bit out with creating, deleting and merging certain partitions. I got just one partition now C:, but it's also got (shown by Norton PartitionMagic) a "unallocated one" which wasn't there before. I want to merge this into C: so I have all the space, but it won't let me because it's "unallocated". What can I do guys???

    Thanks a lot...

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    Don't merge the partitions, instead delete the unallocated partition, then resize the "C:" partition to cover the "empty" space that previously had the unallocated partition.

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