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Thread: Best Registry Repair Program

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    What's the best program to use to repair the Registry? Everytime I try to install a program I keep getting .dll errors and "cannot find setup.exe" errors. Would a good registry repair program correct all of this?

    Ad-Aware now freezes in the middle of scans.

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    Not sure of a repair program would help too much. not all will know what programs are installed. It sounds like there are parts in the registry looking for dlls that no longer exist on the system. Have you uninstalled anything recently? or has your anti-virus or ad-ware removed anything?

    If you have XP have you tried to restore the system?
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    I found those programs very dangerous, and I've used quite a few(example: Nortons Ssytems Works) until my computer guru told me that if I use another Registry Repair Program he would hang me up by my privates...What usually happened was I would use them a couple of times but strange things would start to go wrong here and there and next thing I know I would have to reformat my computer...

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