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Thread: How to remove the encryption in windows XP Folder/

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    I encrypt it by using properties (right click mouse)..then click on advance on general tab...check on encrypt contents to secure data...

    The problem I need to reformat my Drive C;...and it is already formatted...How can I access those folders/files that is encrypted?...How do I remove the encrypted folder/files? since I change my account after formatting my os...those files that are encrypted are located in Drive D...partition into one single physical hard drive...Can anyone help me?

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    Ok, there is good and bad news depending on what you did when you encrypted the files. Here is a note from MS website

    NOTE: Only the user who encrypts a file can recover data that has been encrypted, unless the user specifies a recovery agent before they encrypted the files. To make sure that you have the ability to decrypt files in the future, you should always export your certificate and private key and keep them in a safe place. For additional information about how to to this, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    here is the link:

    So unless you exported the keys I don't know if you can recover the files. You might have to pony up some cash to MS tech support but I don't think they would have built in a back door recovery or that would make the system usless.

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