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Thread: Internet Sharing Connection wont work

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    I made wireless network between two laptops and one of them is connected on Internet over ADSL modem. I made ISC that I can connect to Internet over the other one, but when I try to open any web page on it, it wont work. When I try to ping (through Command Prompt) with command "ping" it notify me that "Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again." But when I try "ping" (Google IP) then it works well! Any advice how to resolve this problem?

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    Smile Check DNS


    If u cant browse a site by name but u can browse by IP Address then it is a clear case of DNS not functioning

    try in you browser

    and you will see Google minus the Pictures, this means that YOUR DNS Settings are not working

    the IP addresses are bound to domain names, in this case the ip is bound to google.. these records are maintained by DNS server. when you type google's url in your browser it asks DNS server that to which IP it whould connect too to show the content and if the DNS is not there or dosent answer then you dont see anything in browser but ERROR.

    when you type there is no DNS server which will point to IP therefore Error is displayed and when you type the browser dosent require DNS server as you are giving dirict input of the destination address

    Check you DNS settings in TCP/IP Protocol


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