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Thread: Help removing user account?

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    Hello everyone-

    I'm running Windwos XP 64-bit. For the past year, I've been running under my Administrator account, and just recently created another account for someone else to access the internet on my computer.

    First off, when given the option of creating a new account, I could only give them an administrator account; not a limited account. Secondly, my Administrator account is no longer visible on the Welcome screen (I have to disable that and use the "type your username/password" box to access my account).

    This leads me to my problem: Now I'm wanting to delete the second account, but am unable to do so, even from my administrator account. Windows is giving me some BS about how I must always have an account with Admin access... yet obviously, it's oblivious to the fact that I already have such an account.

    Someone, ANYONE!!! --- How do I remove this second account, short of reinstalling windows??? Anything from a program to forcefully remove it to instructions on manually removing the account from the system and HDD would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you!

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    I managed a solution, just took me a few minutes. Sorry to bother asking on the forums. I'll go ahead and post the solution if others need help on the same topic.

    Solution::: Go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management. Once there, select System Tools -> Local Users and Groups -> Users. There, all user accounts are listed, and can be deleted at one's leisure.

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    Not a problem, ask anything no matter what. Thanks for posting your solution!

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    thanks A LOT!!

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