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Thread: Problem reformatting.

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    I orderd a new format CD, for my Emachines Windows XP being my older CD that came with the PC, somehow was scratched, and I needed a new one to even complete the format.. I then got a new one for about $20, I reformatted my PC nicely the first time, but later when I went to reformat again to clean up, I can reformat fine, but I am getting stuck at the setup screen on the "Name your PC" Screen. Im not sure what it is that could be the problem. If anyone can help me, that'd be great, although I'd rather not spend another $20 on a format disk. Im not sure though if its a problem with the Hard Drive, or just the CD, cause I ran linux on it, and it worked fine. Although, I dont know to much about computers themself, so there could be no real relation in why linux would work, and windows wouldnt.

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    Don't know your machine type but here was a post I found where someone had the same problem and their solution.

    Other places I found seem to make a conclusion that e-machines haver a history of being hard to recover for some reason.

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