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    I have a fairly simple issue. I am a gamer. I am now doing P.U.G.s with the more experienced sniper players. However, the two servers that they play at are so laggy for me that it is impossible for me to actually hit anyone with my sniper rifle!! THe strange thing is: I am in Kansas City, MO... one of these servers is in St. Louis, MO. while the other one is in Chicago. I play on New York servers all the time in the public gaming servers, which run fine for me and hardly lag with the game.

    I need to know how to run a trace route within Windows XP. Perhaps.. I can find SOME way to get someone to fix this issue if I can at least find out where the problem in the line is. (also, if you have any ideas on getting it fixed after i traceroute it, let me know please!!)

    Thanks so MUCH!!

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    From the command line:

    c:\> tracert ip-address
    The problem with it is that there isn't a way to get a continuous output.

    There is a Windows utility called WinMTR that will give you a continuous reading.

    You may want to take a look at your ping response times as a good alternative.

    c:\> ping -t ip-address

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