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Thread: Microsoft Windows Error Report

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    For starters, my computer is still recovering from a Trojan called Trojan Downloader which I am hoping is almost gone (if any of you know a good program to get rid of it, please tell me)

    Since my computer got infected with this trojan, my computer has been very slow to start up...Takes about 5 to 10 minutes for the computer to fully start up without freezing....After that, I get a Microsoft Windows Error Report saying that my computer has recovered from a serious error....It then gives me the option of sending the report or not sending it....No matter which option i click, the message comes up again 5 seconds later....This is the name of the files that they say is causing the problem


    can anything be done with this?? i didnt want to delete these files because I thinking they may be important, but if you guys know what they are, then please help me with some tips of what i can do

    thanx a lot

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    Best way to remove the virus is going into safe mode and scanning.

    I will look into the other two things. Have to go out of the office for a few hours so this post is more of a reminder to me to look at this when I get back

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