hi all i am running winxp sp2 2002 version i have windows media player 10 and my problem is it will not play any type of mpg,mpeg,mpe,etc,etc...files i have went into options and made sure there is a check mark in the little box and to make things somewhat easy i have tried just about all the obvious things in media player options i have dl codec pack after codec pack trying to get it to work now i know it should work but it doesnt and to also clarify i can hear the sound of whatever i am trying to play but the video will not show all i get is a black screen where the video should be i have also tried to get the older version of media player and its the same and i have tried realplayer,and quicktime player and anything dealing with the filetypes mentioned above will play sound but no video, i have a radeon 9700 pro vid card and have checked it as well. and here is my comp specs intel pent 4 2.80 ghz 2.94 ghz 1.00 ghz of ram if any other info is needed or any ideas how to fix this plz contact me

ps. if it matters i am using a 32 inch flat screen hdtv

never mind i dwonlaoded windvd 7 and seems to have corrected my problem