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Thread: What do the Slack users think of this?

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    What do the Slack users think of this?

    Patrick talks about dropping Dropline Gnome.

    It was linked from the OSNews site, so it's very possibly legit.

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    i seen this as well on the p'cola lug forums, only thing that makes me wonder if this is even true is that the person who posted it has no creditability and it could very well just be a troll

    also it's kinda odd that slashdot said it was basically Pat saying job well done to the dropline group when most of the hardcore slackware users that have been with it >10 years hate dropline but don't mind the gnome packed in slack by default, and that there has been things from Pat V. talking about that there are certain things that dropline adds that he doesn't approve of as being packed into the default install of gnome that comes with slack (PAM is a biggie)

    but if the official annoucement from Patrick Volkerding does come around saying that slackware will be dropping gnome, I think I'm going to start looking more closely at gentoo or freebsd for my main machines that i use gnome with, the lowerend boxes that use fluxbox will stay slackware and all my servers that don't run X period will stay slack as well.... but i can't stand KDE and dropline gnome has been going downhill the last few months

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    Re: What do the Slack users think of this?

    I'm all for dropping Gnome from the distro, and leaving it up to the Dropline team.

    This is mostly because Pat talks about how much work it is to get Gnome working, and dropping it from the package list will most probably give them time to work on a lot of other things instead.

    That's my opinion, atleast. Even though I hate both KDE and Gnome. Fluxbox!

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