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Thread: My Pictures is now My Wallpaper

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    Whenever I want to use a picture from My Pictures for my desktop wallpaper, EVERY file (in every sub-folder) in My Pictures is added to my list of backgrounds in Display Properties>Desktop. So I either have to wade through a trazillion pics to find wallpaper images or - what I'm doing now - move all my pictures out of My Pictures and place them in another folder and I can't use My Pictures for anything but wallpaper for now and evermore.

    Not the end of the world, but annoying in its diabolical simplicity. Do any of you know an actual real way to fix this?

    It happens on both of my computers. I have XP Home SP2.


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    The folder that keeps the wallpaper pictures is
    so my advice would be just to add the pictures you want to use to this folder, then you will not have to trawl through the whole lot again. Hope that helps you.

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    Thanks Warrior! I couldn't find that to save my life.

    Now my only problem is when I place my other pics (not the ones I placed in the Wallpaper folder) back into My Pictures, it starts all over again - everything shows up again in choices for background.
    I've tried system restore, but system restore never seems to work for me anymore, it just says it can't restore back to whatever date.
    I don't know what else to do...

    Thanks for your reply though, man. If I sort this out then I'll finally know how to do it correctly.

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