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Thread: Winnt\temp files will not delete

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    Windows XP Pro SP1 on a Gateway PC. I have some files in C:\Winnt\Temp that will not delete. Ewido says they have malware in them, (one is a Dropper.Small.aps the other two are Proxy.Xopix.z). They are all simillarly named (artXXXX). When I check attributes they are SHR, but I cannot change them, even if I boot in safe mode. I tried Killbox, delete on reboot, but no help. Does anyone know how to get rid of them?

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    Have you tried another program like Spybot's Search and Destroy ( and see if it can remove it? Also, just incase this is happening, ensure your system restore is turned off in XP and run the above program in safe mode if it will let you.

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