I have XP-PRO and I am using IE for the most part.

For a few weeks I have had this problem where some pages (always the same ones, and others that most likely I am not aware of) will not open giving me the familiar message and instructions to go to Tools etc etc..

I have called my IP and we have gone through the steps together, all is well in that aspect. I have gone to the comment prompt and Pinged the sites that I am trying to access and I get the customery 4 answers (pings). I have gone to the MS site and registered the .DLLs in case there was such an issue. I have communicated with those sites via phone in case they had something that I was missing, I have rebooted countless times. I have no DNS errors. Security section on IE is okay, Hostfile is okay as well. Done it all!! :blink:

So, I tried with the Netscape browser thinking that IE had issues. I have the same problem. :angry:

What can possibly be wrong? My nerves!!!

Thanks for any reply.