hi to everyone,i'm posting this on behalf of a friend can anyone help her out

'I have converted a video clip using Windows Media Encoder and the next stage is to create a Windows Media Metafile as follows, using notepad:
<REF HREF="http://YourWebServer/Path/YourFile.wmv" />
(The above I have changed with my website address/downloads/orb.wmv)
I have then saved this using the name of my digital file plus the .wvx extension because the metafile points to a file with a .wmv extension. It then says I need to add a tag to my html file, in this case html.media file so I am using dreamweaver and going into the &#39;code&#39; section and copying and pasting the following link

Play this Windows Media file:
<A href="http://YourWebServer/Path/YourFile.wvx">
Your File</A>

I have done all this, uploaded both files (e.g. the WMV video file and the WVX file and when I click on the link it is saying &#39;page can not be displayed&#39;. It reckons that when an end user clicks the reference/link on the webpage the metafile is downloaded and windows media player opens. Window Media Player then opens the metafile and then opens and plays the file from your webserver.

Alas this does not seem to happen and I am about to scream, can anyone help?