I have my system set for automatic MS updates. This is a brand new computer ( since January 2006) and was working just great until 5 days ago. I read where one of the MS updates could be causing the problem but could never find the update they were speaking of.

All of a sudden, I am unable to sign into Yahoo. I know this problem is just on this one computer as I have no problems on the other computer we have. I uninstalled Yahoo and have re-installed it several times with no fix.

I have done a complete system check and can locate no viruses and no spyware or adware

Also when playing any games ( Pogo.com), I constantly get a "not responding" message and it throws me completely out of whatever I am doing and asks for the error report to be sent to MS.

I have done a sytem restore back to a date where I know there were no problems and am still having the difficulty. Anyone got any suggestion on how to fix this?