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Thread: Lagging XP Pro after installing updates

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    Hi there, this is more of a "Do you notice it too" type of post.
    Back when I had a much slower system than I do now I would greatly notice that once I've installed all the updates with "Automatic Update" and no more were to be found I'd see huge lags in menu speeds, opening & closing programs that were used often, longer startup (ie: hard disk would run for about 10 seconds) and the same with shutdown. Now, with a brand new system, 3x faster, 4x more ram etc, I find the same but toned down a certain extent in different areas.

    It's not any settings, drivers or installed software, virii or spyware, I'm sure it's the updates!

    I did a test recently and installed the same XP Pro 64-Bit on 2 separate drives. On 1 I never installed a single update and on the other I installed all. I basically had the same software running on both and had my documents for both installations written to the drive where no updates were installed so I didn't have to go back and forth all the time.

    I did this for 2 weeks, this morning being the last straw. Windows updates did in fact lag my system.

    I read some Microsoft articles about this happening and them looking at a fix for it but the articles dated back to 2004, with no updates on the pages since.

    If you've experienced this or something like it please reply to my post as there's gotta be a common denominator to all of this and can figure out which update(s) are causing this by elimination.

    Thanks all,

    Robert M. Sitter
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    NOw you are going to make me go back and play with updates I honestly don&#39;t think I have paid that much attention to that. I have so much crap on my system that it slows down anyways. BUt it is an interesting thing to figure out.

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