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Thread: Massachusetts Should Close Down OpenDocument

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    Massachusetts Should Close Down OpenDocument

    I read this artical on foxnews well it really pissed me off.,2933,170724,00.html

    My E-mail to fox news
    Steve Starr Fri, Sep 30, 2005 at 7:15 AM

    Mr James Prendergast posted a story on

    Massachusetts Should Close Down OpenDocument
    Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    Well i would like to request a debate with Mr Prendergast.
    concerning his article.

    My Name is Steve Starr akacomtux) i am a moderator & editor for
    Kde-look, Kde-apps, Kde-files, Gnome-look, Xfce-look
    I am a linux system arch designer.
    And linux application developer.

    We have around 23 Million Linux & OSS subscribed users.

    A respone within 2 days would be nice

    Thanks Steve Starr

    Foxnews E-mail back
    Web -Fox News Online Attachment Fri, Sep 30, 2005 at 8:14 PM
    To: Steve Starr

    Thank you for writing.

    The column "Massachusetts Should Close Down OpenDocument" that appeared on Sept. 28 identified author James Prendergast as executive director of Americans for Technology Leadership, but failed to disclose that Microsoft is a founding member of that organization.
    ATL is a coalition of technology companies, professionals and organizations that advocates for limited government regulation of technology and for competitive market solutions to technology policy. In addition to Microsoft, ATL's founding members include Staples, Inc., CompUSA, Citizens Against Government Waste, CompTIA, Small Business Survival Committee, Clarity Consulting, Cityscape Filmworks, Association for Competitive Technology and 60Plus Association.

    Mr. Prendergast's affiliation with Microsoft should have been stated clearly in the article.

    An Editor's Note is now displayed on our Web site:,2933,170724,00.html
    and the disclosure has been inserted at the end of the original article:,2933,170916,00.html

    We are compiling rebuttals we've received via email. Please send yours!
    Wenn Sie Spaß meines Englisch mich Willensfuckingtötung Sie bilden.

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    A.) Fox News sucks the big hairy one. Always have. Probably always will.

    2.) Did you send your rebuttal?

    Thanks for digging a little deeper on this comtux. My hat's off to you .

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    I still want my debate with Mr troll !
    And yes i had andrea write my reputal for me and send it.

    I hate it how people try to pull this kind of crap it really goes to show you that big corps could care less about education or our well being there only thoughts are the all mighty dollar.

    By the way not counting Massachusetts desion there are huge amounts of companys droping microsoft like if it came with a case of anthrax.

    Many who are makeing the switch do say that there desion is based on cost, stability, security and there need not to get locked in to ms bull shit contracts.

    I wonder just how well vista will do if you have seen the hardware requirements and you use ms prepair for major hardware upgrades if you plan on useing it.

    My system is from 2001 and it doesnt even live in a case anymore and it is much faster than if i was running xp.

    Desides i hate spyware and viruses.

    Hmm lets see kde's occasional konq crash or dayly Ms XP blue sceen of suden death?

    You decided.
    Wenn Sie Spaß meines Englisch mich Willensfuckingtötung Sie bilden.

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