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Thread: IE and Web Mail

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    This is my 2nd time posting this question. I just upgraded my PC. I am having trouble send reply on Outlook Exchange on the web or Yahoo email. IE gives me a page not found or do not do anything after waiting for few minutes after I reply and press the send key in my Web Mail by Outlook Exchange. I can send a new e-mail fine. I think there are some adjustments I have to do on my newly installed IE 6.0 SP2. I tried POPUP Bloker adjustments but no luck. My PC is duel processor ASUS and relatively fast. But not be able to reply through the webmail is causing me serious problem working at home. Can anybody help me?

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    I run IE6 sp2 and have not had to do anything special with it. You already went to the first thing I would have thought of and that is the pop-up blocker.

    Let me look around and see what I can find.
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