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Thread: Windows Sesk Top Search 2.6.5 (KB911993)

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    I downloaded subject S/W on 4/15 and when rebooting my system I go to the desktop and some of my startup items appeared in the task bar. Then My system froze. The cursor would still move around and the harddisk access light was on steady.

    I tried another reboot and after several minutes locked up as above, the PC then started to act normally.

    I tried rebooting several times and either had the first result or the second result as noted above.

    I uninstalled the app and all seems back to normal.

    I have XP SP2 with all upgrades to date. I have 2g of ram and a 2,2 m CPU.
    With lots of HDD space 250gig only 48 gig in use.

    ANy suggestions? I hope they get this right for Vista.

    Thanks, Richard

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    Do you have any antivirus or spyware apps? When the computer appeared to freeze, can you cntrl-alt-del and pull up a task manager and see if a process is 100% CPu?
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