I just got a new computer with an MS Office Student and Teacher sample that will expire in 30 days. I am s l o w l y transferring all my documents to the new computer, but I have thousands of .doc files that can't be opened on the new machine. The error message says it "can't open Word 6.0 files." (The files were created with WordPad.)

I have found the document converter in Word and I know that can be used to change the .doc files to .rtf files. I've tried it and it does work just fine. The .rtf file open without any problem.

But I have some .doc files that have images and I don't think the conversion will work for that. Does anyone have a suggestion for those files?

And finally, since the Office program is only a "teaser" and will expire, I would like to be sure that all the files I change to .rtf using the converter in Word will still be available to me when the MS Office trial runs out.

It looks like MS Office will cost as much as the computer, so it can not be an immediate purchase since I don't fall into the student or teacher category.

Suggestions are appreciated.

I look forward to your replies.