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Thread: internal error 2349 contact vendor

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    i have win-xp-sp2. when i try to install office 2000 pro, i get error: internal error 2349 contact vendor.
    kb 329386 says that i should use cd-rom drive instead of dvd-rom or cdrw drive. but i don't have access to a cd-rom drive for a compaq notebook armada m700. is there a way to hook up a desk top cd-rom drive to a notebook? any suggestions?

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    try this. Burn the Office Pro to a ISO image into your hard drive. Download and install DAEMON and mount the ISO image as a drive and see if that will work.
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    ms kb 329386 says that this is related to microfost installer not being able to read from cd-rw or dvd-r/w drives. and also states kb q302399 specifically mentioning compaq drives. in my case it is a compaq, and the cd had some scratches on it. in addition, the reading of the cd comes to a screaching halt when the file is 7 or 8 directories deep in a folder. what i had to do is to put the cd in a desk top cd-rw drive and it successfully read all 3100 files. i copied all the files to the hard drive on the desktop machine, connected laptop and desk top via lan, and installed with no problems.
    thanks for info.
    we can close this thread.

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