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Thread: Windows Server 2003 SP1 and NT4 Workstation

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    Have just recently up-graded a 2003 DC with SP1 and some other known vulnerabilities. The DC is acting as an emulator master. After the up-grade I have noticed that our NT4 SP6a workstation's are not now logging on to the domain -"The system cannot log you on to this domain because the systems computer a/c in it's primary domain is missing.."

    I do not want to roll-back SP1 etc.

    Steps I have taken to rectify:

    On the workstation, I removed it from the domain and put it into a
    workgroup - rebooted. Deleted the machine account from the domain. Renamed the workstation to a temporary name - rebooted. Joined it to the domain again.

    Ran a utility to give the workstation a new SID.

    Has any one seen this issue before?


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    I have not, but I got lucky and don't deal with NT workstations anymore. But I will find out what I can through other sources.

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    Thank you. I am hitting a brick wall with this one!!

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